The complete and true fundamentals of golf; from the inside out! How a human body on planet Earth swings an arm-club unit towards a target while being aware that the ball and ground are in play on the way. Anatomy, Neurology, Physics, Psychology; in a language you can understand!

The next evolution of Wisdom in golf is here!

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Shawn Clement teams up with the ART INSTITUTE OF PITTSBURGH to bring you the very latest up to the minute video series for WISDOM IN GOLF and we spared no expense or technology to bring this to you so that you can maximize your learning potential with this "way ahead of it's time" method of swinging a golf club and playing the game using the gifts of human anatomy and neurology as well as the planet's physical attributes.

This 5 hour video series covers everything in priority sequence with even more to the point and polished delivery of technical info as well as VERY ELABORATE APPLICATIONS TO THE MENTAL PREPARATION AND EXECUTION OF COMPLETE GOLF SHOTS WITH ALL CLUBS.

We bring to the table MOTION CAPTURE TECHNOLOGY to control a 3-D version of "Skully the Skeleton" to show you in amazing detail how you are made under the hood so you never have to go against your own anatomy again and save yourself from nagging injuries that can force you out of the game as well as understand that YOU WERE ACTUALLY DESIGNED FOR AMAZING GOLF in not only your anatomical structure but also your brain and nervous system's structure!

You will also see some TERRIFIC ANIMATION to illustrate the kinds of shots that are being struck during this series and to demonstrate proper alignment and ball positions in the set-ups so that there is no confusion as to how you should be setting up to your targets when practicing or executing on the golf course.

We put together a nice 5 minute trailer for you to enjoy; this was a huge undertaking both in time and funds, and it was worth all of it and more because it will help the most important golfers out there; YOU!

To buy the new 2013 wisdom in golf video series please click here:


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Our first show will be on everything you need to know about the grip, tune in this coming Monday November 25th at 5pm EST! Get your questions ready, Shawn will be answering viewer questions live on the show!

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Here are 2 videos that need to be emphasized a heck of a lot more for those who have issues finishing their backswing:

In the second video for the fencing analogy, you want to make sure you perform the lead side properly and fully to be able to whip the club effortlessly through the ball;


This book is a must for all golfers for at least one section of the book that relates to how we humans on planet Earth, learn motor skills. His section on the techniques of the golf swing are also very much in sync with what we do. We talked about Gabriele Wulf in the forum but this book is far easier to understand and will definitely take you deeper into the rabbit hole and closer to Wonderland

His bibliography is extensive and like me, Chris has done his homework and continues to strive to uncover more about how we learn; I believe that Wisdom in Golf has found another ally and I look forward to more exchanges with our Professor whom I already have had the pleasure to talk to via email.

It is the perfect stocking stuffer at just $12.00 and is the new #1 on my Xmas wish list for all of you. Enjoy!


Chris Riddoch

Hi everyone!

Since some threads tend to get buried, I wanted to make sure you could have access to these updates on a regular basis plus this nice analogy of "Shaolin Sash Whip" which has amazing parallels to the golf swing. Just another way to wait for the Weight!" Check it out at 1:30 and you will see the same assistance to momentum and centrifugal force as in the golf swing;

Then here are my 4 latest additions:

Enjoy everyone!


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