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What is Wisdom in Golf

If you discovered how the human brain was wired and that when you try to manipulate body parts into positions, your performance suffers, and when you focus on a task that relates to the purpose, your performance soars, would you not stop doing one and focus on the other?  If you discovered that the Anatomy of the human skeletal system was designed a certain way and that the actions you performed abused the integrity of this anatomy and then discovered a better way to perform this action that went with the wiring of the brain and did not abuse and actually improved the range of motion of the body, would you not then stop the bad way and continue with the better way?

Welcome to Wisdom in Golf, where there are no assumptions of how things work, there are only facts backed by science, neurology, medicine and of course sports!  We celebrate how genius-like we are with gravity and motion instead of harping on a perceived defect! We are not defective! We are learning machines and when you learn there are no mistakes!      All this requires is a task and awareness that we are in fact staying with this task and not getting distracted by the fears of doing things right or wrong.  It is the best state of being and the only way into the zone!

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− Dr. Ken Stavisky - Head Teaching Professional

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