Whether you are a Tour Player or a beginning golfer, using the Orange Whip Trainer allows you to feel if your swing is actually in rhythm and balance.


The SuperSpeed Golf Training System is the fastest way to increase your club head speed. Works great for golfers of all ages and abilities.


We have finally found our partner for golf balls, Vice Golf!



At Last, an Affordable, Portable and Accurate Launch Monitor that you can put in your golf bag and use anywhere you hit balls! Special price $289.99


The first and only easy solution to stabilize your swing and follow the oldest and purest piece of golf knowledge. $24.95 less 10% when coupon code WISDOM is applied at check out!


The Best Budget Friendly Rangefinders in Golf. TecTecTec provides you with six different golf rangefinders to help you find the best one that matches your game and budget. All our models are tournament legal. Use coupon code WISDOM10 to get 10% off!


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As you know, good training aids are very hard to come by and very few pass the Wisdom in Golf test.  Well, we just found that really fills a nice gap for many! It is called Eye Ball, and it fits exactly into the training mix for Wisdom in Golf because it really helps the mind become aware of how centered you are, or are not, staying.  This plays a major role in direction and contact!  So we welcome the “Eye Ball” family to the Wisdom in Golf family!

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Message from Shawn

I have always wanted to be a part of this company; since I started playing the game!

The traditionalist in me would not allow it in the earlier days except for the Ping Answer putter, which to this day has allowed me to experience what a 21 putt round feels like where the hole just looked like the size of a man hole!”

Enter 2016 and Nike exits the industry for inexplicable reasons and Ping enters the “blade” market and all the planets line up for me.  I have been playing their woods for 8 years now since the G-15 4 wood and I-15 Driver and combine that with the incredible selection of sublime wedges with 3 different grinds and several bounce options and all of a sudden, IT ALL FITS!!!

The company itself is the superstar; employees stay for decades if not forever and so do their tour players and ambassadors.  That says a lot about the company!  Some are in for the bottom line and paycheck like Nike, and some are in to actually wanting to help make the game a better place and be there for their customer at every step of the way!  That is Ping.  You will see videos right here of my visit at their headquarters in Phoenix and it will show you why you too, will want to be a part of this company, even if it is just a little piece!


Message from Shawn

Every once in a while, there is a tool that will make a significant impact on the game and rises above the clutter of all the junk that is marketed as a launch monitor;

In first place by far now is the GC Quad from Foresight; with it’s photo based system that not only does all the same things as Trackman and Flightscope, it also gets you much tighter specs in ball flight because it determines how the ball strikes the face and the precise area that it does, as well as how the club is soled through the impact area which affects several data points for ball flight.

Set up for the unit is incredibly silly easy and gets you all kinds of possibilities for your indoor or outdoor practice sessions.  See the videos we did on YouTube that will show you how it turned my world upside down for the better!


Well, Ed has completely outdone himself with the design of this tool; you will not believe how good your release in both directions will feel with this thing! Wait till you see the speed I gather and hear how it splits the wind in this video. Order with Ed Currier and tell him Shawn sent you. New deluxe model with bronze medallion: $79.95


As a golf teaching professional, you get some golf inventions or products that come across your desk and some are duds and some rare ones are winners. I got this putter grip, and it finally fits the bill in both feel and function. I love the way it fits in the hands and allows the putter and arms to form a single, solid unit. I said I wanted to be the first customer because it is the best grip I have ever putted with, bar none!


What sunglass company builds a better product than all leading companies, is made 100% in Italy AND sells for $100.00 less on average?  TORCH, THATS WHO! See the interview I did with their founder who worked for, and built up, one of the most iconic brands in the sports sun glass business; Mr. Louis Wellen.

When you go to this link, and order your shades; which I am now wearing EVERYWHERE,  write in the notes of your order that Shawn Clement from Wisdom in Golf sent you!


For those of you looking for more club speed and the proper awareness to where the swing needs to release, this tool is awesome! The right shaft, the right mechanism in the head.

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So refreshing to not have a whole bucket of balls to pick up when practicing; one shot at a time and one routine at a time! Take it down in 5 minutes and bring it where ever! What a fantastic product! Use promo code WISDOM


What a tremendous way to get around a golf course! Play 18 holes in under 2 hours and get a terrific workout all in one go! This product should have been here decades ago!


I have been using it in some of my sessions with students; it is a good product! To purchase the Impact Snap training aid, visit and use promo code SHAWN to get 10% off your purchase. For Canadian and International purchasers, use promo code SHAWNCAN.


I am so impressed with Skin Sunscreen! No greasy oils to mess up your grips as it applies virtually dry and protects as well as any other top sunscreen! This way, you can re-apply without hesitation or skipping a beat; genius! My facial skin has been ravaged by the sun in my younger, more naive days and Skin Sunscreen is now my new ally!


For those of you who just love being in control and hit from the top and force the club down or have the chip yips; this club makes it impossible to do! It will get your rhythm and timing going instinctively and you can hit balls with it!

To order, email


Many of you have asked which is The Best Golf Mat to get, well here it is! It truly does not get any better and this is definitely a product I am vouching for. You will continue to see it in my videos for years to come.