Wisdom in Golf Premium Channel

All we can say is WOW, this channel takes the Wisdom in Golf fundamentals and brings them to a whole new level with split screen editing, drone footage, off season training series and much much more! With amazing features like:

  • In-depth and detailed explanations
  • Special live lesson features with real students
  • On-course episodes to help take your game to the course
  • Split-screen, multi-angle and overhead views
  • Foresight GC QUAD ball flight analysis and slow motion features
  • 1080p HD Broadcast Quality (perfect for viewing on your Smart TV)
  • Only $9.95/month – Multiple new videos released every month!

Wisdom in Golf Premium is a comprehensive golf instruction channel for golfers that are serious about improving their game. This channel is the fastest and most effective way to improve your game.

All of the video series below are available to stream for members of the Premium Channel. To get access to all of these amazing series, simply become a subscriber of Wisdom in Golf Premium and stream them as long as you’re an active member. If you want to download and own your own copy of a series, you can purchase below!