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Welcome to the fitness page! We have teamed up with Nick Randall from Golf Fit Pro in order to give you guys the best golf fitness information. Nick has trained PGA tour Pros and he has given me an inside look as to how tour professionals train off the golf course.

I came across Shawn’s teachings on Golf WRX and was immediately drawn to his style of communication and teaching – very different to what I had ever seen before! In collaborating with WIG, I saw the opportunity to share quality information with our respective client bases and expand my own personal horizon past traditional teaching methods.” – Nick Randall

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Munashe is a former student-athlete from Queen’s University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and where he was a member of the football team. Through his time at Queen’s, Munashe acquired knowledge on an evidence-based approach to strength and conditioning. This strategy is a systematic approach to the training of athletes and clients based on the current best evidence. His goal as the head kinesiologist at Wisdom in Golf is to provide cutting-edge strategies on golfing fitness with designed exercise programs through Golf Fit Pro.

  • Munashe is also TPI Certified as of Nov 28, 2019
  • Purchasing the online training program, you will have one-on-one skype sessions with him to start each month of the phase you are at. This is to provide clarity for what is ahead for you.
  • You also have email access to Munashe for ongoing progress and feedback for improvement to maximize your results
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Nick Randall is a strength and conditioning coach contracted by PGA Tour players, Division 1 colleges, and national teams to deliver his unique brand of golf fitness services.

Nick has a wealth of experience collaborating with coaches and organizations around the world. He has worked with state and national teams, PGA governing bodies, Division 1 colleges, and private academies delivering the following services:

  • 1-1 work with players
  • Group work with players
  • Group education with players
  • Delivering education to coaches and physical service providers
  • Advising on golf fitness / S&C protocols
  • Setting up short and long term athlete development programs

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